Pastoral Counseling

Bermudian Church - Pastor Gary Firster

Pastor Gary is available as needed for limited pastoral counseling, by appointment.  If after meeting with you, the Pastor feels that you need more extensive help, he may refer you to a more specialized professional counselor. 

                                                       Telephone: 717.292.1861 (Bermudian Church Office).

Professional Counseling

New Beginnings Therapy Services


We have a working relationship with Pastor Burdette and Nedra Lahr of New Beginnings.  Both are skilled, compassionate, professionally trained Christian counselors.  New Beginnings offers hope to individuals and families through healing, opportunities to grow, perspective on relational dynamics, and encouragement. 

                                                                   New Beginnings is affiliated with Stillmeadow Nazarene Church. 

Telephone: 717.542.5043 | External link opens in new tab or

Professional Counseling

Hope & Restoration Counseling - Formerly Day Seven Ministries

Hope & Restoration Counseling offers Christ-centered professional counseling for individuals, couples and families dealing with difficult issues relating to sexual addiction or "sexual-orientation" behavior.  Day Seven is an Anabaptist Ministry affiliated with the Mennonite Church and Exodus International. 

                                                                  Telephone: 717.735.0690 | External link opens in new tab or window | External link opens in new tab or

Professional Counseling

Children's Aid Society

Children's Aid can provide counseling help for children, adolescents, and parents. Their mission is helping children and their families build stronger, healthier lives through compassionate and professional services.  CAS is a Ministry of the Pennsylvania Southern District of the Church of the Brethren. 

                                                                          Telephone: 717.624.4461 | External link opens in new tab or window

Financial Counseling

Compass - Finances God's Way

Crown Ministries was founded by Howard Dayton in 1985 and later merged with Larry Burkett's organization.  After a few decades, Howard Dayton formed Compass  and the Compass radio program, Money Wise, to promote small group studies and to teach people how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.

                                                                          Telephone:  (407) 331-6000 | External link opens in new tab or

Financial Counseling

Dave Ramsey

The Lampo Group was formed in 1992 by Dave Ramsey, with the mission of providing Biblical based, common-sense financial education and counsel to give hope to people in every walk of life. Help on budgeting and getting                                                                        out of debt can be found on the Dave Ramsey radio program, as well as from numerous books, such as the                                                                                    Total Money Makeover, and locally held classes.     

                                                                  Telephone: 888.227.3223    |  External link opens in new tab or window